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5 Weeks Complete And I Have...



No active acne.


I am so confused.

Every post I read about Differin told me I would have a horrific initial breakout. My skin would shed off constantly. It only works a little. Need I go on?

I am ...TMI ALERT... on my period and that's usually papule city time but NOTHING.

It's actually quite eerie as I am still fully expecting this initial breakout to start appearing and be covered in my old enemy ...cystic acne!!!! I haven't had cystic acne in over 2 years and it still terrifies the hell out of me. Ok, my face is still COVERED in marks from flattened zits and lots of pigmentation and some scars. However, when I put my make up on my face looks flawless. No bumps. No comedones. No acne.

I'm not expecting this to last long but right now I feel the most confident I have since I was 'clear' during my 2nd accutane course. My skin is so smooth and my very slight flaking has now subsided. After 12-16 weeks and hopefully very little further acne (a girl can hope :P ) I am gonna obviously keep continuing this regimen but also start looking for ways to fade these marks. It's my dream to go out with foundation on!!!

My regimen has been the same since week 2. But I have gone back to my old AM moisturiser which I thought was breaking me out but turns out it wasn't.


Cleanse with acne.org cleanser

Acne.org BP - spot treat only on my cheeks

Garnier moisture nourish moisturiser


Cleanse with acne.org cleanser

Apply Differin 0.1%

Olay sensitive night cream

Still 5 weeks without dairy and very little sugar which I also think has helped a ton, however I miss grilled cheese and pizza :(


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Oh no hun :( I really feel for you. I truly hope it gets better for you. I want every person who's using it to have the same experience as I am having right now! And thank you, but I aint gonna count my blessings just yet though because I could quite easily of not even had my IB yet, I can't even tell ahhh.

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