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10 Weeks Have Flown By! Dan's Regimen



Waddup! Things are still going great on the regimen! Not too much has changed since last week.

I only got one active pimple this whole week and I noticed it yesterday. It was so hard to notice because it's under my chin. Weird! Anyway, still breaking out a little in my back, but still an improvement from 2 weeks ago when it was overflowing with large, painful and itchy whiteheads. Gorgeous! I think my hormonal cycle has the most to do with that. I only use dans cleanser on my back usually when I shower and nothing else. I probably need to be more persistent about that. BP seems to make it worse but it's hard to tell. It definitely doesn't help, I've tried using it consistently before and it def got worse.

Here are some pics from tonight, make up free!

The big piece of advice I'd give anyone struggling right now is to SIMPLIFY your routine. A lot of routines I see on here have 4 or 5 products twice a day, plus weekly masks, supplements, etc. I use a cleanser, BP , moisturizer and that's it. When you only use one product at a time, you're eliminating several variables that could be sabotaging your success. I know you want to try to fight acne from all angles but if you're still breaking out, how do you know which product is causing it?

I also try and touch and rub my face as little as possible. That means letting my face mostly air dry after cleansing, and if I take a shower in the middle of the day, I STILL wait til nighttime to do my routine. I don't cleanse my face 3x that day. Over cleansing will just make my face dry and irritated which equals acne.

I hope this was helpful. Unless things change a lot, I'll prob start posting less frequently... Try not to miss me too much!


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