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The Accutane Journey: Days 1&2



So I finally caved... I made the doctor's appointment, had the blood work done, and plunged into the treatment that is accutane. My last resort. I must honestly say that I had avoided this treatment like the plague previously until about a month ago when I decided I finally had enough of my stubborn acne. It was time to make a change with lasting effects. I have suffered with acne ever since I can remember-it's time for it to end!

The first day went alright-I was so nervous taking the first set of pills-for fear of the unknown..an allergic reaction?... God knows what was going through my mind. But I took a deep breath, swallowed the pills, and voila!-I survived. I did not experience any side effects on the first day.

On the second day I found myself fatigued which may not have been related in any way. Some of my acne seems to be coming to the surface of my skin. Still no flakiness, but my skin's a bit itchy. My skin also seems very oily. I'm still trying to be careful of the products I'm using on my face.. I've just been using a gentle skin cleanser in the morning and at night, and the same moisturizer I've always used. Nothing special. But I have these really awesome anti-bacterial cloths that I've been dying to use which I may try as my skin isn't too dry as of yet.

I have been following you all on here for quite some time and I decided it was my turn to keep you updated on my progress as I make my way into the unknown. Thanks for all your tips! :rolleyes:

P.S.-I love Aquaphor! Thanks for the recommendation! Can't wait for it to work its magic.


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