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Just Posted Pics



I posted pics in My Gallery in case anyone was interested. The quality isn't the best. Basically my acne has taken on a rashy feel. I think the dry skin exasperates this. I look awful with these pimples and dry skin. The redness on my cheeks is my dermatitis flaring in addition to pimples. My skin looks even worse than it did last summer and I don't know what to do.

Been feeling depressed.


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Hey girl, please don't take offense to this comment--but your skin looks GREAT!

So much better than my skin! I am being honest when I say that your acne doesn't even look like acne. I know, I know, it's not perfect. But you're beautiful!

(I have two huge red marks on my face right now--like literally can't walk outside without tons of concealer on.)

You look great! Keep your head up!!!

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You're sweet Hope but the pictures are misleading. My skin texture is dry and rough and bumpy. My entire face is filled with red bumps , some with pus. I honestly don't know what the hell is going on with my skin.

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You're absolutely fine! I think you just have some insecure issues or want attention or something. The pics look fine and now you try to downplay it as "pictures being misleading." They would be misleading if it was from a camera from the 1990s. I think you should see a psychiatrist considering most of your posts speak of depression as if your acne was that bad. Have you seen real acne sufferers around here?

Hey im just being honest, you look fine.

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FYI - this was one of the reasons I am always hesitant to post pictures is that there's always someone who feels the need to judge. Yes I'm calling you out IAGF. Insinuating that I am not a real acne sufferer and that I want attention is a real douchey thing to do. Acne affects all of us differently and not everyone is going to struggle the same way. You don't know me and you have no clue what I've been through so don't presume that because you've had acne to whatever degree that it's your right to judge- it's not productive and it's in no way supportive. It took a lot for me to post these pictures, something a lot of members don't do for this exact reason. Why don't you put up and post yours. Ihateusernamesx, thanks for reaching out. We sure do. I'm going to see if I can get some better pictures that show the actual bumps.

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If I had skin like this I would not worry about accutane or any treatment for it at all. For my face was covered with acne which was bleeding, having puss inside and some of it would be the size of 5p coin. Children would point fingers at my face on the streets. So when I see yours face and the posts you make they do not necessarily connect for me.

I know that when I look at other people's pictures on this website I would not be writing that I do not know how to deal with life and I am utterly depressed because if a person who has worse acne than me reads it- it would be devastating to them, how are they supposed to feel…? I do not know… It is tragic that a skin which looks rather lovely, and nothing of the sort it can be for some people on this website, makes you feel the way it does. I would say it is psychological far more than physical. What hope is left to others when desperate please of your posts are next to almost perfect skin. What is the standard you are trying to achieve? Some people dream of having skin like you do. You are blessed with your skin and until you realise that, you will have no peace.

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Londoncat I've always appreciated your advice and it has been helpful to me but I'm going to be frank with you. I don't feel the need to negate my feelings about myself at a particular moment because it may offend someone else. That's why I have my own blog, to vent my own feelings and if people have a problem with that, then they shouldn't read it. Acne is just as much physical as it is mental and you can't compare acne as different people tolerate it in different ways. It annoys me to no end that I can't come here for support and not made to feel like shit because other people have had it worse. The fact is that there will always be someone who has had it worse. This website is supposed to be a safe haven for all...when did that change? I know I have my issues but so do we all.

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leelowe I haven't even seen your pictures and I know everyone's struggle is individual. Some people would say to me that my acne wasn't that bad, but none the less it ruined my confidence and my state of mind, although what I found was that even as my skin got better I still couldn't see past how bad it had been. Is it maybe the case that your skin has improved but your past experience with acne has made it hard to ever see your skin as 'good'. I would obsess over every mark, every pore, I only found my release when I realised that a lot of my issues were in my head, mental as well as physical. Yes there were still spots and pigmentation left over and 'imperfect' skin but my quest for utter perfection was killing me. I found the correct psychological help really helped me to get past that and focus on my life again rather my skin, time heals when you are able to let it pass. I am by no means saying that our two cases are the same or to play down how you feel, like I said I've not even seen your pictures, I just thought I'd let you know you're not alone in your struggle and acne can have a profound affect on how we view ourselves even if others see something totally different. I hope you find peace and don't let your life be ruled by your skin, although I know what a struggle that can be. This forum is here to vent all our frustration and if it helps you then no one can tell you that it isn't the right thing to do xx

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Thanks gkitten for the kind words. I am coming from a background of cystic acne so of course that is always in the back of my mind. With that said. I know what's normal and having upwards of 5-15 pus filled pimples at the same time is not normal. I get 2-3 new ones everyday. It may not be dimed sized but it is visible at any angle in any light. My entire skin is one of roughness and bumpiness. I even asked my dermatologist if I should maybe not treat it and let it be and she said that as an adult, chronic acne is not the norm. I will say though that I fixate on my skin more than I should but when you don't get a reprieve, it's maddening. I'm trying though to not let it get me down. I do notice though that those that are quick to judge have already healed their acne....go figure.....you forget the struggle once you're out of it. Thanks again for the support.

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what you have should not be treated by accutane but rather medication or whatever else for mental issues associated with 'acne'. There is no cure for something that does not exist. You, your consciousness creates what you have in your life and if that space inside is not happy, no matter how beautiful you will be there will no happiness to be found. People get cancer, that is a problem, what you have on your face is not a problem. You see it that way and it is tragic but one day you will be able to put things into perspective hopefully not through a worse experience than the one you have now. We all change and transform and our values will follow. If you have time on your hands to vent about your non existent acne problem then you really do have time on your hands. We are only as good as the last thing we have done for another human being. Control your ego. What you written above is a good vent at me but it comes from an ego and not from the spark that you are. I am no friend of yours and not trying to be. I am just a witness here. When the only person you think when you write your blogs is yourself then the next step of evolution is to try something else.

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It's unfair to belittle leelowe's struggle. I know I suffered from texture issues with my skin for a long time after my acne subsided and it has taken a good couple of years for me to be 'happy' with my skin, but when I do get a breakout it can throw me back to that dark place. These blogs are very personal. I know I wrote mine for two reasons, one was to help others who may have been following the same regimen as me but the other was for solely selfish reasons, to use it as a place where I could vent my feelings in my head. We are all somewhat anonymous on here and it can help to get those thoughts out of your head, I would never judge someone for their blog, it is very personal, and although we are inviting people to view it, for me it was a place of self reflection and rhetorical questions that helped me though my struggle. I hope you do find peace of mind and some comfort in the fact that although some of the post seem to be attacking your perception of your acne, they are ultimately complimenting you on your skin and this is how everyone else in your life will see you, beautiful.

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