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Weeks 6 Through 7 (Almost 2 Month Mark)



Hey guys!

I'm so glad to be getting some feedback on this blog from you! I am more than willing to answer any and all questions you wanna ask me, so please never hesitate to leave comments! :)

Anyways, I'm approaching my last week of month 2 and I'm starting to see some real results...hooray! After increasing my dosage to 60mg, I did experience another initial breakout which was a bit disheartening but totally normal. As of now, my forehead is a bit of a war zone again but below my eyebrows I'm clear! I feel that the skin on my face in the areas that are clearest has started to calm down and isn't as flakey throughout the day either. I started layering the Cerave daytime moisturizer over the nighttime moisturizer during the day and it has really given my skin that extra hydration to prevent a lot of flaking I'd get when I moved my face around too much (which is impossible really ha). So I highly recommend layering the two lotions as a morning routine.

Other than dry skin and very dry lips, I still haven't experieneced any severe side effects. I did notice yesterday that I skipped body moisturizer for a day and then got a slight rash on some dry spots on both my arms but after applying lotion last night they look a little better today. I'm going to ask my dermatologist about it tomorrow when I see her so I'll post an update on that afterwards. Other than sensitive, dry skin and chapped lips, I can't say I've had anything scary happen to me. I truly believe that the myths surrounding Accutane are just that...myths!! Yes its got a lot of potential risks, as does any drug really (even advil!) but I really do think that as long as you take care of yourself and eat well while on isotretenoin, you'll make it through!

I will say one small concern I've started to develop is worrying about scarring. A few pimples on my forehead have left those small ice pick marks (little pin holes) in the skin and while they aren't very noticeable, I'm worried they won't eventually start to fill in and go away. If anyone has any insight on this I'd really appreciate it, please share!




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