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Day 3



I had a little lip tingling last night! I went out with my hubby and friends and decided not to drink. I know I'm not supposed to drink at all while on Accutane. I plan on having a few drinks on special nights. My cystic acne has stayed pretty much the same except that one older spot has completely dried up and I developed a new one near my ear. I'm trying hard not to pick at the ones that I have. They are so big, deep and hard. I know that if I wasn't on Accutane and left them alone they would be there forever. I'm excited to see what happens to them now.

Last night at the party I mentioned to my nurse friend that I had started on Accutane. Someone overheard and started asking questions about why I would be on Accutane. She thought my skin always looked good and had never seen acne on me. I know most people would say this about me. It's more of something that I notice about myself. I'm tired of constantly having to wear makeup and cover my back. Honestly, acne doesn't hurt my confidence. I feel great about myself and about the way that I look, so I know a lot of people wouldn't understand my decision. But, for me, it's worth it! The thought of having dry skin is so exciting to me. I've gotten so focused on me over the last few years. After I accepted my infertility, I got fit. I learned how to play an instrument... well! And I feel like this is another piece of the puzzle. I deserve to have clear skin. I deserve to leave the house without makeup. The taste of freedom I got while I was on minocycline was so enticing. I want to make it permanent.


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