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I Just Can't ....



I can't remember the last time my skin was this bad. Over 15 inflamed pimples and it's spreading to my cheeks and forehead! And the acne that has been there for a week is not healing at all. I really want to cry....hard. My skin has been through the ringer in the last few weeks and damn it shows. I am so upset. I have my facial on Tuesday so we'll see what happens. After that, I'm not going to do it anymore. I see the derm on the 4th so hopefully she can prescribe something that can help with the inflammation.

Please pray for me

Update: I think I have just over manipulated my skin these last few weeks and it's getting me back good. Acne everywhere! I'm pretty embarrassed at this point and quite broken out. I ended up canceling my facial because more manipulation is definitely not what my skin needs. So until I see the derm, I will wash, moisturize and use aczone (despite it not doing much.). I regret getting my facial as it made everything that much worse.....boo hoo. I'm not even going to continue using the sunscreen they gave me as it may be causing me breakouts on my cheeks. I'm seriously considering Spiro or accutane in addition to a topical (not in combination with accutane of course). Maybe more so spiro as I've done accutane and I'm still stuck on this roller coaster. My skin is truly God awful and I see several new inflamed acne coming up daily. I can't believe this is happening to me again.


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I hope it gets better!!! I'm so sorry this is such a hard time. You can do it! If you need anything, please message me. I'm having a terrible few skin days too!

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Thanks ladies. My self esteem is definitely in the gutter. I need to get a set routine going that won't irritate my eczema. I can't believe that at 32 this is what I've been reduced to.

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