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Intro To Accutane + Days 1 & 2



I don't have the typical Accutane story. I've had mild persistent acne since about grade seven and I have always had about three or four pimples on my face. Fast forward to age 26 - a sudden explosion of cystic acne in a whole new area, my back. My family doctor prescribed me clindoxyl gel as a topical which did nothing but ruin my shirts. Next up was two rounds of minocycline which would clear me up for the three month duration and then another three months afterwards. When my acne came back the second time, my family doctor decided to refer me to a dermatologist. After about a year of waiting and a five hour drive, I finally got to see a dermatologist, and get my Accutane prescription. Being unexplainedly infertile, and living in Canada (no IPledge requirement), we agreed on condoms and spermicidal gel rather than the usual method of birth control pills. Hormonal birth control always gave me migraines. My family doctor will see me through with the medication now that a dermatologist has done the initial prescribing.

Day 1 - I seem to have cleared up a bit while I was on my period and my acne is just starting to return. I have a cystic pimple in my eyebrow and three on my chin. I also have a couple of small hard pimples on my back. Last night I started to incorporate some aspects of the acne.org regimen. I'm going to use my regular salicilic acid face wash until it runs out, or until my skin gets too dry. I'm using lots of soap and working up a lather in my hands, and being sure to barely touch my face. Instead of benzoil peroxide, I'm using SA astringent (until it's gone or my skin is too dry) and the same deal with the SA moisturizer. I'm also making it a habit of using body lotion once or twice a day, Vaseline on my feet (because it's wonderful) and frequently applying Nivea Intensive Care lip balm (It's basically Vaseline in a tube). I've begun changing my pillow case every second night. I took my pill with basically three spoonfuls of peanut butter! 24 grams! Haha!

Day 2 - No new spots! My chin is starting to look a little better. I'm a vegetarian and I've decided to start eating meat (like bacon) with my pill. I know it's important to have a high fat meal and I can't stand peanut butter. I can't imagine having avacados every day. Today I had bacon and eggs. Delish!


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