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the pill?

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What Will Help Me



im new to this and this is just kind of a summary of my acne journey

Okay, so i'm new to this site and i've just been thinking of why nothing works for me. I've had acne since the 4th grade like big pimples oily skin, bacne all the above. once i started seeing them and people commenting on the way my face looked i began to treat my skin. From soaps to toners to spot treatment nothing worked for good. i went to see a doctor and they prescribed every cream and wash in the world to me. I continued with seeing the doctor and continued to use the creams and washes they gave me until middle school. sadly since 4th grade i cant remember a day going by with me having a 100% acne clear face. i'm 17 now and i'm beginning to think my acne will never go away. I began to wear makeup in 8th grade and it was a huge confidence boost. along with wearing makeup i researched about skin like crazy. i new what was bad and good for my face i tried pretty much everything. i used really good brands because i know what the doctors gave me wasn't gonna be any better than would i choose out myself. drug store treatment that compared to proactive is what i tried to use but just made my face hurt and didn't work. so i started using Mario Badescue and lather, brand people don't really know about. but once junior came i was put on accutane the last resort. I've been off it for about 5 months now and my acne is back. Not like it ever went away but its annoying now. I've never been on the pill and haven't seen a doctor about it but i want to know what someone else thinks who understands the struggle of acne.


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