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Okay, I Have A Problem...



How am I supposed to let my skin heal and let all the benzoyl peroxide do it's job if I keep apply make-up on the daily? I have to cover up scars and cysts, and each time I do this I seem to get a new outbreak or a new one wants to start. I wonder if it is the make-up. I use almay skin clearing concealer and Covergirl shine control foundation. I apply it with my fingers, so maybe that is the problem. I just hate seeing no improvement and wearing makeup gives off the illusion that my skin is better when it really isn't. It is just so frustrating feeling like i'm almost there and then seeing a new blemish starting to form. Luckily, the new ones are easier to cover up and treat, since they are not cysts. I guess I have to remain on the treatment. It is just weird how the regimen stopped working after I introduced new products onto my skin and lessened the does of the benzoyl peroxide. I may had contributed to this. I though I was healed and that I could focus on clearing up my pores and reducing acne scaring and hyperpigmentation. I guess I was wrong. I really do not want to go into a doctor's office to have them prescribe me things that can be too harsh. I hope that I can see some improvement soon.


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Maybe its time to switch makeup or forego it all together until you get clear. I do it everyday and it sucks, its embarrasing and it makes me feel lower than low. But...for you, the fewer variables you have, the better.

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@leelowe1 Thanks for the advise. You are so right, but right now family is visiting and it really is embarrassing. I am going to keep make-up to the bare minimum and we will see if I can have the strength to wear no make-up at all. I hope you have a Happy Sunday. :)

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