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1 Month Accutane



Well actually its 1 month and 3 days now so thought I would update on how the treatments going. I haven't noticed any improvements in my acne. Around Day 21 - 23 a few cysts sprung up, all which seemed to be focused in the same area which was quite annoying considering the previous two or three weeks I had minimal active acne (which is assuming because I was away on holiday and took full advantage of the sea and its benefits)

The best news though is my PIH has faded slightly. I noticed just over a week ago that it looked lighter and when comparing a before and after picture I could see how it had faded and was in the process of healing, fading from the outside in.

It was a bit frustrating seeing blood on the pillow for the first time in a while but I'm guessing my initial breakout was going to start sometime, assuming that the flare up of my skin is my initial breakout.

Just spent a week away again (Day 23 - 30) but Im not sure if it helped my cystic acne as much as it did before. Im guessing accutane is going to be a lot stronger than what the sea and sun seems to have done for my skin previously. It did however do an awesome job for my dry and cracked lips. The cold air here just seems to worsen it but being away in a hotter climate helped wonders. I Took my vaseline and some factor 50 sunscreen while away and kept my hair covered with a cap to not damage it from the sun. I didn't stay off the alcohol however which I planned too though. The second day I was there I just thought 'oh why not' I had about 4 or 5 drinks and I was really tipsy which was a very strange experience after such a little amount to drink. I stopped and just drank lots of water as I didn't want to overdo anything. I must have drank about 4 out of 7 nights while being there but I never got drunk or carried away. I still feel guilty though as I'm worried it might effect my upcoming tests and I'm a bit annoyed with myself because I'm desperate to sort my skin out. I was on holiday though and I just wanted to relax and enjoy my time.

Currently at the minute I have about 3 or 5 cysts on the top of my back all in the same area one of them is rather large though and I'm dreading it finally popping as I am just imagining the PIH I'm gonna have to deal with again. My lips are back to how they were before I was away, cracked and dry and pretty sure they are going to fall off my face anytime soon. My face has got slightly worse a few spots but nothing too major. Pretty bad dark circles under my eyes and an increase in my clogged pores but this is more than likely from the sunscreen I was using. So all in all I look pretty ill. I currently dropped my prednisolone tablets (steroids for the side effects) down from 15mg to 10mg and I have a check up with my derm in the next couple of days for some tests (fingers crossed)

Im a bit dissapinted that it has seemed to have no effect on my blackheads as from reading peoples experiences on here after a few weeks they just seemed to fall out and rub off and mine seem just as stubborn as ever but never mind just hoping the next month will start showing some improvements.

The photo attached is a 1 month time difference. The one on the left was taken a day before I started my treatment and the one on the right I took today (Day 33)


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