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It's Monday!



Hello everyone!

I have to say that eating healthy makes me feel so good even without going out for a jog. It's mostly hot and humid where I am at, which is not my kind of outdoor running weather. I am planning a jog later, but I might just end up jumping rope in the backyard.

Okay, so I am seeing a very slight improvement on my cystic acne with the use of Neutrogena benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil. I just started using tea tree oil instead of the benzoyl peroxide during the day time. My skin does not look irritated and I find it easier to apply versus the Neutrogena brand of benzyl peroxide. Still, I am patiently waiting on the acne.org treatment to arrive, so I can continue with the acne.org regimen.

This is also my third day taking zinc pills with copper. I ordered them from iherb.com after reading online articles about the correlation between zinc deficiency and acne. I am basically my own guinea pig, but something has to work. Right? I give myself a month and if I see no improvement, then I am going to get prescription treatment.

Well for now what has been really soothing on my skin is the following:

*honey mask: I mix honey with cinnamon and apply all over my face. I keep it on for like twenty minutes, then I rinse with water.

*baking soda spot treatment: a mix enough water into it just to form a thick paste and leave on up to twenty minutes.

O yeah, and I try to avoid wearing makeup as much as possible, since my pores clog up so easily because of it. I am basically trying to go all naturale.

*special note: I just saw Dan's how to video on the appropriate way to wash skin and I have been doing it all wrong. Now I wonder if I have irritated my own skin by being too harsh. I guess for these masks it is important to remove the ingredients completely from the face, so it might take more than 10 seconds. Yet, I need to be extra careful not to cause too much friction with my hands.


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