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Just A Few Questions



okay so I have been using this regimen for about 9 months now. first few months it was tremendous. I saw improvements working two weeks and it was amazing improvements. my forehead and cheeks were so clear and smooth (problem area) I loved it. I took pics weekly and loved bragging on it. I would go out with no makeup when before the regimen id cake my face trying and not succeeding to cover t all up. well i quit using it twice a day and just did once because it did so well. I did skip a few days every now and then. and made a few mistakes. but nonetheless I never stopped completely using it. I noticed that my forehead is not smooth anymore. it's not really pimples it's more like just little bumps that are the color of my skin. if anyone knows what they are or what causes them. the regimen I feel isn't as strong for my face like it used to be. also when I put the moisturizer I feel like when I touch my face it feels like a layer of stuff on my face. it use to absorb in m skin now it like lays above in and feels grimy. idk why. I just really would like some help or tips. idk what to do. or what I'm doing wrong. but I wanna get rid of this forehead acne badly. I read something about silicones or oily products and I have used a primer that's silicone. and it is pretty greasy so I'm gonna stop using that and see if there's a difference but any other tips and what not! I'm gonna attach a pic. the top picture of my forehead is now. the bottom pictures are of after two weeks on the regimen when I started out months ago. before o started it looks pretty much like it does now. please helpblogentry-432761-0-68374400-1437241617.jblogentry-432761-0-68374400-1437241617.jblogentry-432761-0-68374400-1437241617.jblogentry-432761-0-68374400-1437241617.jblogentry-432761-0-68374400-1437241617.jblogentry-432761-0-68374400-1437241617.jblogentry-432761-0-68374400-1437241617.jblogentry-432761-0-68374400-1437241617.jblogentry-432761-0-68374400-1437241617.j


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