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Hi there! I haven't been active properly in a while...I could use some kind of encouragement / advice.

My names stacey I'm 24 and I've been through the wars with my skin. Honestly. I started breaking out at 11...Eleven! A few pimples on my chin and middle of eyebrows.

Anyway long story short, my skin has recently been breaking out all over after a relatively clear period using shop bought products (Derma quest ) and a prescription BP gel 5%.

It's mainly clogged pored, bumpy textured skin in my 'A' zone AND 'T' zone and mainly actually small small small pimples on my chin and forehead...a couple clusters on my temples. Anyway because of my very low self esteem at the minute I am so desperate for solutions. I've been on Lymecycline before when I was 14 and also birth control pills and honestly ALL topicals apart from Retin A (I've been on differin)

I went back to the docs and been refused to see a dermatologist to enquire about Roaccutane (I've from Scotland ). She says it's pointless. But it's what I really want to try...I'm willing to pay!

Anyway, she told me to try Lymecycline again for 4 months before roaccutane...or considering that option. I'm really scared about this, I've took 4 pills already but I'm starting to find horror stories about antibiotics, that it makes acne worse long term, and your skin is only clear on them, Candida etc. I'm so petrified that I'd rather be on Roaccutane.

Is it true antibiotics won't incur an initial breakout? Also..what about the fact I have used these antibiotics before..am I already resistant? I seriously don't know.


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Hiya! Im from Scotland too Your GP sounds exactly like mine. She had me on lymecycline for over a year with minimal improvement. Me personally I did not have an IB with it but suppose everyones different and I think resistance goes away with time. Maybe next time your prescriptions up request to see a different GP that was the only way I got referred because my GP was(still is) god awful

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Hi Stacey. I miss talking to you friend! So sorry that you're back here again- so am I... Boo boo! How anyone reacts to AB is a personal thing so the only thing to do is doing it. If it will get you closer to accutane then definitely give it a go. Have you ever tried diet changes ? ( I don't recall if you did or didn't). I would do as many non invasive things before doing accutane as its a rough rough ride. If you need an ear, you know where to find me Hugs from NY

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