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Week 7. Werk!

Same old same old me here, everybody. Still SO happy w my progress. Did get a few small zits here and there. But SMALL and FEW are the key words here. Never did I think I'd describe my acne that way! Woo hoo for small victories!

Although I still have some dark leftover marks and one or 2 active pimples, I seriously am so happy I gave the regimen a chance.

And to think of all the stuff I've been trying the last year!

However, I'm keeping in mind the many factors involved here, and any of these (and problebly a combo of them all!?) could be the biggest influence:

The regimen (Cerave cleanser, bp, moisturizer twice a day. Gentle, minimal application, minimal makeup)

Trinessa (just started month 4) birth control pill. Generic for ortho tri cyclen

Stress (10 weeks ago I started a new job.. Stress is down at least 50%, love my coworkers, been working out and being outside more)

Diet (gluten free, minimal meat and dairy and alcohol, I do notice my skin gets worse when I cheat)

So that's that. Yes my improvements are significant, but, like our trusty dermatologists say, there are MANY factors and variables involved with the cause and treatment of acne. One persons HG is not gonna be everyone's. Dan loves to glob on his BP like it's going outa style. My sensitive delicate skin can't handle that much so I stick to 1/3 fingers length on acne prone spots only. Dan loves his moisturizer. I couldn't take that stuff after just 1 week. So clearly although the philosophy behind the regimen can pretty much be applied to everyone, the little steps and ways you get there are unique. Listen to your body and don't fight it. You'll always lose.

Til next week , lovers.

Oh and PS: I went to a party on Saturday and totally got asked out! So much for tator tots and Netflix cuz this girl is on DA HUNT.


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