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Over Ziana



I finally saw a dermatologist for the first time in 2 months. It's a clinic I haven't been to before, but making an appointment there meant being seen 3 weeks earlier than if I had made one at my usual place (but the drive there SUCKS..) So, this derm seemed a lot more thorough than my usual PA. She had this little app where she took all her notes and had this little model she could mark on to show where I had my acne. She even took a pic of my face to compare to in the future. Unfortunately, after telling her about all the topicals and oral antibiotics I've taken and my experiences with them she goes "Well, that really limits our options here". She wanted to put me on Accutane because at that moment my skin was insanely oily like holy crap I looked like I'd just run a marathon, but after looking it up and finding out that it may possibly make my intercranial hypertension come back, she decided not to. I was trying so hard to remember the topical that leelowe1 recommended (Atralin) but I couldn't :(

She prescribed three things:

  1. Benzamycin in the morning
  2. Tazorac in the evening
  3. Erythromycin (twice a day)
I know I said that I wanted to stay off of antibiotics, but I just feel like my acne is so bad at the moment, they're the only thing that will help, at least for now. Since my last post I've developed several cysts along my jawline, and lots of pimples all over the place.

The plan is that once Erythromycin clears up my face (assuming it does) I can just continue with the topicals. If the acne comes back, I'm going to start on the Regimen. I've been putting it off for soooooooo long.

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Hi Mels. I know how frustrating this must be for you .... Grrrrr. You Are on the strongest retinoids available so if this doesn't work I recommend the regimen if your skin is not sensitive. You want to get off the antibiotic as soon as possible though as it can create so much more issues down the line. I know money is limited but I would also recommend trying to change your diet. At the very least if it works for you, you won't have to worry about the cost of meds. Keep on keeping on sistah!

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