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Here We Go Again...



I have a bad habit of abandoning this website when I am clear but then again it's easy to do isn't it?

This time I know I have to stick at it because my skin is one persistant mofo.

For my own sanity I will list my history.

From age 12/13 I had mild to moderate acne and I would say this continued for years. I was put on mild topicals and antibiotics to no avail resulting in a 7 month course of accutane coupled with co-cypronial BCP at 16 years old. This cleared me for a good few years. At 21 years old my acne started returning, mild at first, however slowly but surely I was getting cysts all over my cheeks and chin. I then spent over a year on lymecycline. It cleared me for liiterally 2 months and then it all returned, even though I continued to take the antibiotics. THEN. Last year in October I began my second round of accutane with ridevigon BCP and that continued through until late April this year. Until TWO weeks ago I was 100% clear. I now have a range of quite a number of closed comedones and maybe 2 or 3 larger bumps on my cheeks only. No acne on my nose, chin or forehead (strange fact - I have never had a spot on my forehead EVER even though I have bangs and work in a really hot environment.

Now, when I went to the derm for my last pregnancy test/bloodwork I expressed concern because I have had all different types of acne but it always seems persistant. So was given Differin 0.1%. I noticed the closed comedones appearing on the 30th June and have been using the Differin since then. Today my Acne.org regimen arrived, I live in the UK and the courier came at 1:30pm so too late to begin today doh!

My plan is to continue with Differin at night and use only the Regimen's cleanser and moisturizer for the time being. I mayyyy use a little of the BP to spot treat when the enivitable happens and the comedones come popping up to the surface. I am absolutely DREADING initial breakout, a little part of me is holding on to a little bit of hope that it wont be too bad considering I haven't even off accutane for 3 months yet.

Now another CONCERN... I have my accutane follow up derm appointment next week(LOL she is probably expecting me to have good skin) and I might ask for BCP such as dianette or yasmin. The first time I was on accutane it was accompanied by co cyprodial which is a skin helping one and I was clear for years but I stopped the BCP maybe 2 years after the accutane. The second time I was on accutane I was just given a normal BCP. Now I don't know if I am making sense but maybe some of my acne is "female hormonal" due to this and ONLY having acne on my cheeks and dianette or yasmin will help too.

I know this is an absolute wall of text and I doubt anyone will actually read this but it feels good to let it all out.

Here's hoping this is finally the beginning of my clear(or close to clear) skin journey.


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Hey, let me know if the bcp works for you please. I'm still a teenager and have moderate acne (well its gone for the moment, but stopping the antibiotics I'm will probably bring it back) which is mostly on my cheeks, so I think my acne is very hormonal too and was wondering if the bcp pills worked for you.

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