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Week 1



Im going back in time on this one. It's currently week 4 but I just now started this blog, and I want to track my progress from the beginning.

27 years old and I've been dealing with acne in either mild, moderate, or severe cases since I was 14. Naturally, like most people, I have tried a litany of things. Found a few that worked: Ortho Tri-Cyclen nearly wiped it out completely, but unfortunately I cannot take that with my bipolar medication. Tamanu oil also brought my skin to a point of near perfection, including fading my scars massively, but the second time that I've used it (about a year apart) my acne was too severe for it to take care of it completely.

I used the regime about four years ago when I was desperate to clear my acne before my wedding. It did a really good job, though I still broke out quite a bit, the pimples were a lot smaller significantly so. At some point obviously I stopped, though not for any particular reason I think other then moving on to something that might work better.

I have returned to the regime now in the hopes of truly making it work. Four years ago, I followed everything to a T and bought all of the products. I absolutely love the moisturizer. Unfortunately I am very, very poor right. I can barely make my rent every month, and sometimes not even all of my bills, so the greatest luxury that I could afford was just the treatment gel. And even that, it takes a bit to save up for it. But I feel like it's worth it. So the rest of my regime may be a little bit different this time, and my acne more severe, but I'm hopeful that if I'm strict can experience at least a reduction in my acne. Of course my hope is that it will work better for me this time, I did follow everything exactly in the past, but obviously I did not keep using it after three or four months. And this time I will continue to use it.

These are my week 1 photos.


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