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I started Absorica and I am mainly doing these blog posts mainly to keep record and also to help other people because I know how much it can help to read other people's stories and be able to ask questions. If you do have any questions, feel free to ask and I should respond within a day or two. I am a 16 year old male at 130lbs. I took my first pill today which was 40mg of Absorica. I was previously on Doxycycline hyclate 200mg per day up until today. I started getting cystic nodular acne back in November after I switched off Proactiv (original one) and switched around face washes a few times. I went to the derm and he gave me doxy and epiduo and i stayed on Proactiv. I was on the highest dosage of doxy and any less didnt really help. It took 2 months on doxy for me to stop getting it but once on doxy i would only get like one very small pimple every three weeks. The reason I had to go on accutane was because they could not ween me off of doxy and it is bad to be on antibiotics for a long time so my doctor suggested accutane (the first time i went to the derm he suggested it because of how bad my acne was but he said I could not get it through insurance without trying antibiotics). So for the first day of accutane I took it but have not switched to the cetaphil face wash yet. I am planning on doing that on day 2. I am just nervous about switching face washes because that is how i got acne in the first place haha. The acne was really emotionally traumatizing for me. I still have a little hyper pigmentation but i have gotten two chem peels (one which was last wednesday) and I started peeling yesterday and it seems to really help with the hyper pigmentation I have. Im pretty sure i said everything on here and got you up to date. I will try to post daily just on side effects and stuff.


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I'm on the beginning of Month 1 of 60mg Absorica. I just THOUGHT I had my IB last month, oh no, Pizza face full force right now... Ugh.

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I'm on the beginning of Month 1 of 60mg Absorica. I just THOUGHT I had my IB last month, oh no, Pizza face full force right now... Ugh.

I ended up not starting accutane do to some complications from the doxy and mino i have been taking. I am worried about possible side effects from accutane but i will probably start in a few months

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