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Acne On My Neck Getting Worse



I've been noticing quite a bit of acne popping up on my neck lately. I'm looking at my progression photos and that acne started popping up around June 20th, and has gotten worse since last week. They're basically forming all over where I apply the majority of my skincare and makeup products, so I'm wondering if something I'm using is causing this.

So, all products I use on my face and neck (with some possibly irritating ingredients) include -

  1. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Toner (Contains: Alcohol - I've been using this for months though)
  2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with SPF 15 (Contains: Glyceryl stearate)
  3. CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation (Contains: Sodium Chloride - which is in pretty much every foundation, even ones I used that didn't mess with my skin..)
  4. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (... nothing really bad)
  5. L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Setting Spray (Contains: Alcohol Denat. - I don't directly apply it to my neck though)
  6. Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid-Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30 (couldnt find the irritant rating for a lot of ingredients)
So, I'm going to take a week off of each product and see if there's any one that shows itself to be the culprit.

Besides that, I'm in the middle of my 12th week of Ziana, with still no improvement. Like, NONE. I was supposed to finally have my derm appt. tomorrow buuuuuuuut of course with some relatives from Mexico in town my dad wants us to go visit Big Bear. .-. Really getting tired of having to reschedule my derm appointments. I haven't seen her in two months :( Luckily I did find another that'll see me on Wednesday. Just hope it's not too expensive..


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I'm sorry Mels. I know how hard it is trying to pinpoint things. I'm struggling too. Do chemical peels help your acne at all? They tend to irritate my skin to no end unfortunately. Have you tried Atralin? It's a stronger retinoid than Ziana and much gentler. You may need to pair a retinoid with an anti microbial to begin seeing results. I also think the regimen from this site may be a good match for you if your skin is not sensitive. How's the diet going? It may help to really go gung Ho and ditch dairy and gluten for at least a month. Good luck girl and keep on keeping on.

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Good luck girl and keep on keeping on.

Unfortunately after 2 months of almond milk and not noticing any changes I gave up and went back to my usual low-fat milk. I don't drink as much as I used to though (I would have a bowl of cereal every night and every morning). I've been drinking green smoothies too (mom makes them with all kinds of vegetables), but I wouldn't say it's enough to cause a noticeable change. I would try to ditch dairy and gluten all together if I really could but money is sooo tight right now I've been lending some to my mom for groceries and letting her pick up whatever she wants for the family.

I feel like the chem peels helped lighten up my acne scars. But looking at my skin right now I guess I should first treat the majority of this acne before worrying about that.

I really thought the clindamycin in Ziana would treat my pimples... A few weeks ago I picked up some cream with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide for my little brother, so I think I'm going to stop with the Ziana and start using that instead. Ziana has just been such a disappointment. I thought that at this point I would at least start seeing SOME changes..

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