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Hi there!

So I finally completed my first month on Zenatane woo woo!! My blood work came back looking great so my dermatolgist decided to increase my dosage to 60mg. I'll admit, I was a bit nervous of what side effects way arise when the dosage was upped but within the last 2 weeks I haven't experienced anything drastic or scary. However, my skin has gotten A LOT drier since taking 60mg daily. I've been able to continue wearing foundation but it tends to flake really badly if I move my face around a lot, especially when eating or smiling hah. Anyway, I suggest carrying a travel sized bottle of Cetaphil lotion with you if you have a similar issue. The skin on my arms and legs have gotten a bit drier as well but nothing some moisturizer a few times a day won't fix.

I have noticed that on occassion I wake up in the morning feeling a little nauseous. This could be because I take my final 20mg pill at night before bed, but it tends to subside after being up for 10 or so minutes. Other than that, I have the usual bad chapped lips. Never in my life have I gone through chapstick so fast. The minted Rosebud Salve is awesome for this because it has a cooling sensation if your lips feel like they're burning. I'm also more sensitive to sunlight since increasing my dosage. I am already naturally pretty fair and burn easily so I really did not what to chance it on this stuff. One day recently, I did sit outside in the sun for 30 minutes during my lunch break and for an hour after that my skin was extremely itchy.

One super awesome, positive side effect of Accutane is less oily hair. Normally I wash my hair every other day or my scalp will start to feel very greasy. However, since being on Accutane, within the last few weeks I've noticed how dry my scalp feels, and I'm able to go 3 or more days without washing my hair and it looks totally clean. If you have long hair like me, this is a god send. :D

I'm still breaking out but it is definitely not as severe as the first few weeks were. The pimples also seem to pop up suddenly and quickly come to be whiteheads which makes for easy extraction. I also haven't had a bad, painful cystic pimple in about 2 weeks and some that I had for over a month before starting this treatment have finally started to dry up and flake off. Good riddance to them!

Until next time,



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