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When You're Feeling Ugly Because Of Acne



For me, one of the worst parts of suffering from adult acne (moderate and sometimes, pretty darn gnarly) is the anxiety and pain associated with low self-esteem. I NEVER leave the house without makeup, and have a minor panic attack when camping, traveling, or sleep-overs are involved in my plans (how will I wash my face? Will people see me without my makeup? I'll have to get up at 5 am to get ready, just so no one will see my bare skin...). I also model, and you can imagine how hard it is to see photos where my acne is clearly showing through. This may sound sort of stupid, but it helps me to know that there are MANY celebrities and models who constantly battle acne, and are STILL successful (take a look at these pics): https://www.dermeffacefx7.com/info/10-gorgeous-celebrities-you-didnt-know-have-acne/

It's easy to forget that most (if not ALL) of the photos we see of models, stars, etc. are Photoshop effected - my pictures included.

Remember to not hold yourself back from doing things because of your acne - I waited years to be 100% clear so that I could finally pursue my interests (to no avail), and finally said 'f*$K it!'


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I suffer from teenage acne and know just what you're going through. It seems everyone in my school was perfect skin, but me. I've recently gotten clear (apart from tons of red marks) from my dermatologist, but I'm stopping the antibiotics he gave me soon, so I just know I will probably break out again, but I'm trying to do everything in my power to lessen the blow. Looking at celebrities who have acne helps me too. Acne really sucks thought :/

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I can identify my self with this : ( Thankfully my acne has been under control for a few months now. I wrote my first blog all bout it. You may find it helpful. : )

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YES GIRL!!! It seems like the people I see in the industry have flawless skin, and I even look at their faces when working with them to find a flaw. That's why my goal this years is to love my damn self. I know it won't be easy, but I'm gonna try! Thanks for this post.

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