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Be careful with this. It may work for a while (like the oil method did for me) and then get severely worse. I personally believe all of that bacteria and all those plugs needs to be healed with benzoyl peroxide, etc. before real healing occurs. Also, yes, get off the antibiotics and start on some hefty probiotics (to replace gut flora necessary for healthy skin).

Can you tell me about your oil cleansing experience because I just started it

Hey there girl,

So my experience was awful, but I also wasn't doing it correctly. For about 6 months, I used only coconut oil and warm water on my face (and saw great results for the first 4 months or so). My mistakes were:

1. using coconut oil (use jojoba oil, from this site too)

2. using a wash cloth (I loved the feeling of rubbing my make up off, but I think it was too harsh and abrasive)

3. using the same wash cloth (bacteria)

4. Using the same powder pad (for WAY too long) to apply my mineral make up.

5. not changing diet/lifestyle habits (listed on my blog "I'm clearing...").

Needless to say, I broke out with cystic acne about 6 months in - the bacteria/oil build up was too much. That being said, I think done PROPERLY, it can and does work for some folks. I did re try just a couple months back with jojoba, but started breaking out, so I immediately stopped.

In my opinion, it would be better to treat existing plugs, nodules, etc. with balanced amounts of benzoyl peroxide and sensitive skin moisturizer; once cleared for the most part, one could try oil. I believe the oil would exacerbate existing acne.

Good luck to you - sending good energy!



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