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One Year Later



Here it is... the update you've all been waiting for!

It's been one year since I completed treatment and I do not regret it. I basically had ZERO acne for 2-3 months after finishing treatment. I was clear for my wedding day! Since then, it has slowly returned. It is not nearly as bad as it was pre-Accutane. Some other members have recommended that I try out Spironolactone to help treat the acne that has returned. I have a physical with my doctor in a couple weeks and I will ask about getting a prescription. Don't get me wrong--I would take Accutane again without hesitation. However, I don't feel like having to jump through hoops to get a prescription. I understand that Accutane causes birth defects... I don't need to be forced onto birth control like a teenager.

Anyways, I am happy with the results. But I need a round 2 or something...


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