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Day 1

Yesterday I started my new skin care plan. In the morning I put raw honey on my face and let it sit for like three minutes. I then take a hot wash cloth and lay it on my face then wash the honey off. I found that this leaves my face feeling great. It feels soft and not oily at all which is surprising for me because I have really oily skin.

After all the honey is off my skin, I pat my face dry and apply my apple cider vinegar toner.

At night I did the oil cleansing method with grapeseed oil and castor oil. I apply my 1:1 ratio to my face and use a hot washcloth to steam my face and use the washcloth to wipe off the excess oil. I steam my face three times without putting on extra oil.

I then add my apple cider vinegar toner.

Today when I woke up I didn't see much difference in my skin besides it wasn't as flaky. I'm thinking that's because the oil helped moisturize my skin. I don't have any new blemishes but my skin does feel soft. Along with doing my new routine I'm also going to do my best to not pick my face so wish me luck!


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