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Accutane Concerns



Okay so I just started my second month of accutane, and I can honestly say I feel pretty good thus far. I have the dry lips, skin, etc. The thing I am worried about is what it could potentially do to me long term.. I am going into law enforcement and I don't want this medication to mess me up to the point where I can't get hired anywhere because I cannot perform the duties that entitle a police officer. Should I be worried? I am also huge into fitness and work at a nutrition store so I am surrounded by fitness/supplements each and every day. I am a 21 yo college student so it's been hard for me not to party and whatnot but I've been doing well (have only had a few beers since i've been on it). I was at the point where I would do literally ANYTHING to get rid of my acne. It diminished my self confidence, I avoided hanging out with girls because I didn't want them to see me with a pizza face; it drove me insane, especially because all my friends have perfect skin and then there's me. I would really appreciate some testimonials or advice to help me get through these next 4 months lol



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