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Im 2 Guys In One Body Thanks To Acne



hey guys and welcome back ....im not sure if any one is following all of this since no one comments or even say hit ...that's rude by the way ...unless you're just a visitor or you don't have any fingers please comment and let me know you're there .

anyway ....im here today to talk to you about the affect of acne on me personally and im sure many can relate.

well basically ever since i started noticing acne 1 year a go and no i had it for like 6 years but i just started noticing it a year aa go ...i know this may sound weird and there is a funny story after this which i like to call '' the blondie story'' ....i may tell it next time if you want .

damn it i keep going into other stuff ....what i want to say is that i feel like im 2 different person :

person 1 or let's call him ''bordy''.....is when i dont have any acne ....im like ...oh i'm clear ...cool ...so what now ....and i find myself lost because i been waiting for this and when it comes i dont feel like it's that big a deal ...and of course before i know it ....im focusing on other problems of my body ....like nothing happened ....bordy also thinks if he saw someone with acne that its not a big deal and people should just chill out ....its not cancer

now the second guy ....emmm ...let's call him ''dotty''.....is when i have acne on my face ....i turn to this guy that keeps cheking the mirror every hour or so .....to this guy that lost hope in ever clearing again ...itss like why bother with accutane if i keep breaking out and clearing again ....to thiss guy that stays home all day ....well to be honest in this last matter he is no different to ''bordy'' but at least ''bordy'' can go out if he wants to ....dotty cant ...he is stuck there untill he clears out again ...in like a week or so .....and then the cycle repeats

thats my life right now with this accutane ....i dont why i keep breaking out aand clearing alltough im in month 5 ...i mean in my last course i stopped breaking out at month 4 ....who knows ....oh well at least it summer vecation and i got no where to go for a whule

PS: im dotty right now .....nice the hell to me youu .....hopefully i'll be bordy again


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Hi I'm here lol

I can totally relate to the self-conscience feeling that I think we all get when we are broken out... Of course it doesn't help that all my friends have beautiful skin and they never even wash their make up off... But anyway I can totally relate!

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Hi! How's your skin doing now? Is accutane working for you? I'm thinking of taking accutane soon(my doc prescribed it) but I'm very scared of the initial breakout since my skin seems to be calming down on its own. I don't want accutane to mess it up again. 

Anyway, let us know your progress.

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