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Better Late Then Never- Week 5, Y'all



So that primer/bb cream disaster that happened last week showed its true colors this week. And those colors were RED AND WHITE. you know those lovely colors when they erupt on your face. It was not cute, boo boo.

It all was concentrated on one side of my chin, as you can see from the pic (keep in mind, this is me w eye makeup and some concealer on. Not the normal sexy clean face bathroom shot rawr)

Things have calmed down significantly since Sunday/Monday this week. Now it's Thursday and there's really only 2 active pimples left.

My only other complaint is that I've noticed my red marks last much longer than They used to. Anyone else notice this too on the regimen? I figure it's because I used to use a retinoid (Ziana) and bp just doesn't help w cell turnover. So red marks kinda suck because it looks like acne but it's not. It's OLD ACNE lol but whatever I'm still not a fan. At least it's easier to cover w makeup.

Good news, I'm really noticing improvement in my dryness and skin tone. My skin feels 1,000% more moisturized and balanced. A bit oily, yes, but I think dryness= irritation = acne for muah.. I'm now using a small 1/2 pump Cerave foaming cleanser, a full finger of dans bp, and 2 full pumps of Cerave moisturizer lotion. Twice a day. I also haven't had any new minions pop up on my forehead, the left side on my chin, or the crevice between my chin and my lower lip (where I used to get 90% of my breakouts) so it looks like overall things are improving, it's just hard to keep in mind the big picture sometimes!

Also, I got a bad breakout on my back again this week, which was really strange. They were 4 or 5 large whiteheads and they itched like a monkey. Really weird for me - maybe an allergic reaction or bug bites? I dunno but I've had bacne before and it wasn't like this so I hope this clears up and goes back to normal. Trinessa has really cleared up all my body acne in the 2 months I've been taking it so I hope this was just a temporary reaction.

ANYWAY. I'm on vacation for the long weekend, let's pray to Jesus I can relax and enjoy it. Maybe meet a

cute patriot who can whip up a good bbq for me lol


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