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Hello Guys ,,,yep Im Still Alive



hi guys

it been a long time since i posted mainly because afer that trip ( you can read about it my last post) ....i ended up staying there in capital city ....it seemed like the right thing to do .....but you know what ....that food didn't do sh*t to me ...so i kept eating all i wanted and by 2 weeks i was back to my original weight yay .....but things weren't all fast food and candy after that ....i bought cetaphil cream (im on accutane remember) .....and it screwed up my face ....i know they say its non comedogenic but it caused me tons of whiteheads .....and even stopping it i kept breaking out for a week ...untill my face started clearing by the end of my tests( im a med student) ....and as school finally ended and i was back home.....my face was pretty clear for 3 weeks untill i know ...where i got an itchy ugly pimple all the sudden ....im so angry ...im in my fifth month of accutane and im still breaking out ....last time i was clear by the middle of month 4......i dont understand sh*t

PS: i been trough hell in capital city with the acne and the test coming up that i broke a window with my hand ....and ended up with a big cut in my middle finger a week before my tests .....luckily it healed before passing the test since i need my right hand to write .....now im left with a very ugly scar on my finger ...i may post a picture later


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