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SOOOooo I mentioned last week that I wanted to try a primer/bb cream, yea? Yea, no... Bad idea.

For only 2 days last week I tried the Smashbox primer light. It made my face dry as a dinosoar's ass.

Needless to say, I live in the desert and it's over 100 degrees daily right now. PLUS the water in Vegas is super hard and terrible for dry, sensitive skin, like MINE OF COURSE LOLOLOL.

So only 2 days of this stuff definitely made me break out. I went back to just my regimen and things are improving, slowly.

You'll notice my chin is pretty pissed. But I think I need to come to grips with the fact that moisture is my BFF. I can't wear powder or a lot of makeup like I used to in Boston and California. With 2% humidity and -2% dew point ( ya that's possible, it happened today. It means rain would evaporate before it hits the ground. AWESOME.) I really need to minimize products and OD on moisturizer daily.

I also broke out a little on my back the last few days, which I haven't done since before Trinessa. Wierd. Could be a weird body wash I used over the weekend when I was out of town? Who knows but let's hope it's a fluke cuz that's one thing Trinessa really cleared up nicely.

Anyway overall things aren't bad and I can deal.

The only bummer is that I was supposed to get dinner/drinks w this really cute guy friend of mine visiting town and I lied and bailed on him tonight. Because of my breakout. Honestly ladies and gentlemen this isn't the first time I've lied/bailed because of my skin and it just sucks. I'm 24 and single and it feels like everyone else my age has "grown out of their acne" and they just walk around with flawless skin they don't have to think about. Will that ever be me? I'm starting to prepare myself emotionally for the possibility that no, it'll never me me. Wah wah wah


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Hey, Came across your posts when I was searching for info about Dan's cleanser. Just want to say that your skin does not look bad _at all_. Based on what I've been reading about over the past several years, many adult females do have acne even though it seems like most people we see have flawless skin. I have mild acne and while I definitely feel like my self confidence can flounder at times because of it, I have to remind myself that I have a ton more to offer than what my skin looks like. So do you! Of course, we'll keep trying to eliminate our acne, but you should def go on dates in the meantime!

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Thank you so much for your encouragement! It definitely made my week (and is week was a tough one) I've been so busy and stressed and my face looked a little worse this week which is why I haven't posted for week 5/6... But things have definitely turned around and you're right, I need to have a better attitude for sure.

I also came across this video today which I thought wAs amazing and thought u might like it too.. http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/news/a42831/you-look-disgusting-video/

Thanks again for the positive vibes.

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