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And It Continues .....



my skin is at a low point and every day when I don't think it can get worse, it does. I have a lot of inflammatory acne popping up and I am getting much more pus filled bumps (it's gross). The left side of my cheek has about 7 with much clogging as well (and those usually purge), the right cheek has bout 7 ), my lip line has 2 or so, my nose has several bumps and my chin has 3. I think I've gotten about 2-3 new pimples per day.

The overall texture of my skin is not too bad but it is dry and red though it doesn't feel dry. My guess is that it is dehydrated and what makes it worse? Topicals! What a cycle. This will be my 5th summer consecutively dealing with acne. My birthday is exactly a month from now and I vow to do my best to enjoy it as well as my summer in spite of my crappy skin. I see my derm on Wednesday and I will update the topical routine as well as any information I get on being able to restart accutane though I pray that I don't have to go down that route again).

On a side note, my naturopath called me this weekend wanting to discuss the results of my Body scan...again. I'm so over going there and I think after this visit I'm officially done. I may decide to give another person a try but we'll see. If I end up back on accutane then it won't be till after that point. If I don't, it will be sooner.

Either way, I'm not only going to survive this, I'm going to thrive through this as in God I Trust.


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