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Week 2/18 Days



After my second week of treatment, I have already seen a dramatic improvement in the amount of active acne and bumps that I have. My skin looks a lot clearer. The majority of my skin is flat now with a small amount of red bumps, although I still do get some new bumps and whiteheads, some large ones too.

My skin is incredibly dry, particularly on my nose and my lips. My nose has begun to flake, but I have also noticed that the some of the blackheads on my nose have also started to push out on their own as my skin tenses up.

The cracking at the corners of my mouth is getting worse and is starting to split in a couple places, leaving small flaking cuts. I have to consistently put the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream on my lips multiple times a day and coat it with vaseline. It doesn't last for more than an hour or two before I need to reapply because my lips start to hurt. I am going to research the forums to see if I can find a better solution from someone else who has been on the treatment.

Surprisingly, despite the dryness, my crows feet have lightened up a bit. I assume this is due to not topically drying out that skin and also the Cetaphil, but that's just speculation.

Will post again next week! Looking forward to more results and my monthly checkup soon.


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