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Anti Biotics And Acne



So a little background knowledge on my skin, at the age of 13 I began to get the occasional breakouts here and there. My skin was not terrible and my 2/3 pimples on my forehead were not something which bothered me or even began to strick me as something "different" when I looked in the mirror. As time progressed I can't remember there being a drastic change but my face slowly worsened and that led me to my first facial product which I ever purchased, well my dad. It was a scrub by the brand "simple" this was the only thing I used on my face and it's safe to safe no difference was shown. Because of this I thought there might be a fault in the product itself...13 year old me, watching TV adverts on skin care led me to believe that these are garunteed to work! So quickly I stocked up on skin care products ranging from; neutrogena, clean and clear, clearisl, simple and drug store brand names. I thought that maybe just maybe one of these were bound to work. My skin care routine was a fail and it was constantly being changed with trial and error. Don't get me wrong some of these products were really good but acne in my case was an internal problem and I was not treating the cause. The further constant change in my regime resulted in additional break outs. As a teenager in school who was pretty comfterable in herself this new "condition" affected me phycologicaly. I remember girls and boys saying that I had dot to dot on my face and that " I would be considered pretty but if I didn't have spots." These words did play in my mind for a long time and I became even more critical on myself. Now looking back my pimples were not even that bad and I would give anything to have that skin back. At the ages of 14-15 which I am now my skin now is a base of very small pimples which covers the surface of my forehead with other red spots on top. On my left cheek there is practically nothing major and on my right there are small pimples which do tend to rise to the surface. My chin and T-zone area is pretty much the same. After struggling with this acne for quite some time I decided to go to my local doctor. They prescribed me to the general benzoyl peroxide based creams which showed some affects but then my skin became immune to these chemicals. Six months ago I started oral tablets which I am still taking. It did improve my skin for a while then I stopped as I was in hospital and when I went back on them they simply didn't work so I gave up. BUT. I am trying again and I have a appotiment with a specialtst on Monday. Hopefully I will have the clear skin one day I have been longing for.


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please don't take antibiotics. They will only harm your body and your acne may get worse.

I soon realised this as my skin did get worse and my body responded badly to the treatment. Thank you for the comment!
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