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Day 85 & Some Deeper Pimples



It's been a few days since I've posted. I'm a bit perplexed because I feel like there are very few clogged pores left on my face. And yet, I've gotten some deeper zits the past week or so.

A couple weeks ago I had a flare of purging, then things got so much better and my face healed, and then a bit more purging, more healing, and now a couple more deep zits that have or are purging.

A few have been in places where I haven't purged yet, like this deeper one on my right upper cheek. So I guess that makes sense - - it's a pore that hasn't purged until now. But, ow.this one in particular is right next to where I had a very, very deep and inflamed pore purge last week.

I'm starting week 13, and which seems like a lot... And I was hoping to be clear or nearly after the 3 Month, 12 week mark. But, my skin has improved SO much in the past 12 weeks that I know I should be patient and give it time.

I am going to schedule a 3 Month check in with my dermatologist for next week to see what she says and thinks. She saw me 3 months ago, though, when I was crying in her office because I could barely force myself to put on a ton of makeup just to go outside in public.

Here's hoping that this deep zit on my right cheek purges by the morning and that my face continues to improve and become 100% clear.

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Hey Hope. You've made such amazing progress so don't get discouraged. 3 month is a soft timeline and it is at 6 months to a year that full benefits can be seen. Keep in mind that no acne treatment will keep you 100% clear 100% of the time. Hopefully you've been taking picture so you can look back at your progress.

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