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Really Long But Worth The Read:)



I have had acne for 4 years. I am 14. My acne doesn't look like the regular type of acne with white heads, blackheads, etc. I would describe it as tiny bumps everywhere. When i get in bright light or the sun there appears to be millions of the bumps covering every inch of my face. Going to dermatologists never helped me bc they would just give me the generic stuff they give every teen (example epiduo) So I have done all the research i could about my own type of acne and this is the conclusion i have come to:

First of all taking vitamin a is really good for the health of your skin, so i started taking vitamin a. Second drinking a lot of water helps SO MUCH! I cut out drinking cokes and other sugary drinks and switched them for only water, tea, and milk, and it has helped a lot. Also, i keep my hair pulled back as often as i can. At night after i shower i pull my hair up into a messy bun. You wouldn't think this has affect, but it does. Now for face washes and medicine: for face wash i don't just use one and i don't use any that are for the treatment of acne. I used to use washes with benzyol peroxide, sacylic acid, etc., but that just made my face red and it didn't help so i switched to mild cleansers. I either use a bar of soap or just a wash that ppl without acne can use; my favorite one i use is by the brand johnson & johnson and its called clean and clear deep action cream cleanser, and it basically reaches all the way down to your pores and you can feel a breeze when it opens up your pores.I wash my face in the morning, at night, and after excersise or if it starts to feel oily.When you wash your face you have to massage the cleanser on it for two minutes and sometimes i let the cleanser sit for a minute and then i wash it off. A tip is to wet your face with warm water, wash the cleanser off with warm water completely, then close your pores with cool water. Also, i have a lot of redness and green tea helps that a lot if you just apply that to your face or i have this face mask that has green tea in it which is rlly good. Next for my acne cream i don't use just one of those either, but all of the ones i use have a 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide. A lot of ppl don't know that the best % of benzoyl peroxide is 2.5 or 3, the higher percentages make your face more irritated and don't do any better than the 2.5. I just started all of this treatment three days ago and i am seeing so much improvement already. Other people have seen the improvement as well. I will update if my skin is clear in two weeks. If you have any tips comments or questions i am really open to whatever. Good luck with clearing your skin:)


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