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Initial Breakout?



I've been incorporating differin back into my regimen a few nights per week and of course, my eczema is back. I had stopped using the Elidel because eczema had died down and it was breaking me out so bad. Needless to say, I had to restart it this week because it's flaring again. On top of that, I am breaking out so bad, especially on my left cheek. These deep, red/purple inflamed acne are not the norm and the fact that I have multiples in that area is really frustrating. I am also getting deep pimples on my lip line and chin. Right cheek is not as bad but breaking out. This could be the start of the initial breakout as I had stopped using differin on the regular and if so, it is God awful, especially since paired with eczema. I am so at a loss that I don't know how to feel. I hope my derm gets to see my skin like this so I can bring up accutane again. Topicals are not helping and neither is supplementation. Thousands of dollars down the drain. In the meantime, I am going to plough through with my regimen and switch out my products one by one, using products that do not contain ingredients that came back positive from my allergy test.

I am also working on my anxiety and stress but failing miserably. My skin life sucks at the moment


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I'm sorry that you're having a flare up and deep pimples. Maybe it just didn't get rid of that much when you used it at first. I'm starting week 13 and the past week I've had more deep ones than usual. I have one right now on my right cheek that I'd really wish would go away.

What's the difference between differin and retin a? I've heard differin is just more mild?

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Hi Hope. The diff between the two is the active ingredient. Differin is very mild and is not doing anything atm but purging me. When I initially started, my derm intended to just use it to introduce me to retinoids as she thought it wasn't going to help much with my skin type. I guess she was right. Retin a is much stronger. I have used both .25 and .50 and I really liked atralin which was .50. I just never cleared up on it. My acne seems very treatment resistant and I gave pretty much tried everything, including infamous diet changes and accutane. At this point I don't see my situation changing without some divine intervention. I don't believe in the endless purge unfortunately and I think if differin was going to work for me, it would have months ago.

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