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More Isotretinoin + My Horrible Insurance Journey



I forgot to add this in my last post! For whatever reason, my derm wants me to start taking 90mg a day for my last 3 months rather than the 80mg I have been doing. I will start my day with a 40mg pill, take a 10mg pill in the middle of the day, and then another 40mg pill at night. Seems a bit unneeded, but I am assuming it's what is best for me. I didn't question it like I should have, it makes me worry that the pills aren't giving the outcome she thought they would. This is also going to be a problem for my wallet -- I haven't had the most luck with my insurance. Apparently, my insurance will cover only $500 a year for pharmaceuticals, so my first batch of pills cost me $100. Unfortunately, I assumed they would cover some of the costs every month. Nope. I went back my Kroger pharmacy for my next round of pills and I was told my insurance wouldn't cover the cost of them at all. The total for them was over $600. Of course, I panicked, and I called my dermatologist freaking out. She told me that the Walmart pharmacy has a 'cheaper' brand called "Myorisan" which came to $450. As I sat in disbelief, I simply had to suck it up and pay the money. This will total to be a $2,250 investment on my part. Had I not been a college commuter still living at home and able to work while in school, this wouldn't have been possible. Also, it's summer so I decided to work full-time to curb the amount of money I have to spend on these! I did receive a large tax refund this year that has definitely calmed me down on the cost of the medication. Always look at the positives. Although, I am quite terrified that the acne will return when I stop the pills. This is probably my only chance I get, so I sincerely hope this ends it. Any other money I save will be put towards scar treatments.


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