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The 411



Its been a minute since I've updated and there's been a good reason for that. I've been working like crazy. Mother end of the school year is 11 days away and I'm moving in 12 days. I also do a 2nd job so I've been busy.

One thing I'd like touch upon is that after seeing my naturopath recently, I decided to shift my focus to distressing and acceptance. Medically I am fine so stress seems to be the only thing that I am not addressing. Also , I am getting so sick and tired of putting stock into acne treatments and having expectations. I am at a point where I don't want to care anymore and just accept that this is a part of my life like my hair or body type. It's been a tough pill to swallow but with God, I am dealing.

In regards to skin. Breaking out pretty steadily everywhere except my forehead. I am getting quite a number of deep cystic pimples which hurt. I've had one on my right cheek going on 2 weeks and two on my right chin. Smaller pimples and comedones everywhere else. Haven't used the elidel in a few days as skin has been less irritated and it is making me break out. This is my third night of consistent use of differin again so..... Acne popping up in droves.....all over again.

I did my skin patch test and I am allergic to quite a few skin care ingredients so I promise to update in a post soon.

Mentally doing better

Skin wise doing worse


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You deserve things to work out, you've dealt with your skin problems so graciously and accepting that sometimes in life we go through these struggles. Stress is a big player, I noticed a huge difference when address my anxiety and depression problems and as a result my stress levels went down and my skin just looked brighter, maybe some breakouts still but not as dull as it used to. I did have success with differin but I've not used it consistently for months and found that a good skincare regimen has helped in it's place, one thing I couldn't live without is my aha cleanser, I think some sort of chemical exfoliator is needed to keep dead skin out of our pores. I use a gentle aha cleanser though as anything too strong just irritates me too much. Keep things simple and hopefully your new approach to life will give your mind a rest and things will start to look up xx

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It's a really busy time of year - same here and I'm struggling to keep updates coming. Hang in there - acceptance is a great thing if it reduces your stress levels.

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