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Day 77- 11 Weeks Done But Some Purging :(



Hey everyone-

I've been on this regimen for 77 days. Wow. That just seems like a lot. Tomorrow marks the start of week 12.

Some stuff has changed over the past couple weeks:

  • It seems like I have 1 week that my skin is great, and then another following it where my skin is purging a bit/breaking out
  • My skin was not as bad as it would be during that time of the month, thanks to the ortho tri-cyclen birth control & spironolactone
  • I had a number of small pores purge around my cheeks and face last week, but they went away

    Yesterday, I had a pretty big set back with 1 huge stubborn inflamed zit on my lower right jaw/cheek, 1 zit on my chin with a red mark, 3 small pores purging on my face, 1 of which left a medium-sized red/dark mark that is currently healing.

    Here's the state of things:
    • Active zits:
      • 1 zit that has been inflamed and tender to the touch for days (near the bottom of my jaw, but farther back by my ear, not my chin). It feels like it's going to surface and purge, but then doesn't. Today, I had kinda had enough, and after applying a warm washcloth, I gently squeezed it. It seemed like it popped, but nothing came out right away. I washed it with Benzoyl Peroxide facewash and warm water, and then applied the warm washcloth for about 10 mins, on and off. Then, I pressed on it again and the pore purged--but it was literally so small...there wasn't that much in there....
        • So, I'm wondering if there's another clogged pore next to it/within it? Any way, I applied a couple drops of tea tree oil and warm water to a cotton pad and applied it to the zit for a few minutes...hoping that soothes it and helps!

        [*]1 odd zit on my chin that can't decide if it's going to purge or if it's dried up. I have a feeling there's a small acne seed under the healing part that isn't ready to surface yet. So, the best I can do is apply the tea tree oil and let it be.

      [*]Red marks

      [*]1 red mark where that stubborn zit is on my right lower jaw

      [*]1 red mark/scab healing on my face near my right laugh line--put the tea tree oil/water cotton pad on this area briefly and then applied moisturizer and antibiotic ointment

      [*]2 small pink marks from small pores that purged on my right cheek.

      [*]1 weird zit on my chin that can't decide what it's doing.

      [*]Left side of face--totally clear. No zits or pores purging at all. Knock on wood!

      [*]Right side of face--a few red/healing marks, the 1 zit/mark on my chin, & that 1 stubborn zit on my jawline

      All in all, my face has gotten SO much better since I started, or even since a few weeks ago. My forehead is pretty much entirely clear and clog-free, same with my left side of my face.

      I'm hoping this is the last major purge for my face (esp for the right side). It's exciting to start week 12! I heard from people after 3 months (12 weeks) is when they see that they aren't purging anymore! Woo! Fingers crossed!

      Til then, I'm going to let my skin heal tonight and hope it looks better tomorrow with a few dabs of concealer!


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