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Day 28



Rather weirdly, my face is clearing a little again. I say weirdly, because I have eaten a ton of dairy over the last two days. However, what I haven't done is eat a bowl of fruit for breakfast. Yup - I eat a bowl of fruit for breakfast every day because I think packet cereals are full of crap.

However, my skin is clearing up. I thought fruit was full of good things, but maybe the fruit sugar was just tipping the balance too much (as a breakfast example I'd eat two bananas, an apple and a slice of watermelon).

So... anyway, I'm going to do a bit of a lifestyle experiment, starting Saturday (which will be day 31). In the meantime I'm going to try and reduce my sugar consumption each day just so I won't feel too godawful after cutting it out at the weekend.

For 7 days*, I'm doing the following, and I'll report on how it went, with before + after pics:

  • 8+ hours sleep per night (tracking with fitbit).
  • Minimum of 2 x 30 min walks per day (tracking with fitbit).
  • Maximise outdoor time for natural light exposure (will track this).
  • No sugar at all. Not even fruit, except the following low GIs: apple, lime, lemon, grapefruit. No more than 2 portions daily.
  • Minimise grains (pref only white rice and potatoes). I've been gluten free a year already.
  • I don't drink caffeine at all anyway.
  • No dairy at all.
  • No eggs at all.
  • No alcohol.
  • White meat and fish okay.

*I'm only doing this for 7 days because I genuinely don't think I can commit to more than that right now without knowing if it's going to do anything. Also, I know the internet goes on about waiting months for your skin to improve, but the body is designed to heal itself. When you get antibiotics for an infection, you take them for 5-10 days. When you get a cut or a graze, in a week it's all scabbed over and getting better. Even when you get flu your body fights back in two weeks. I reckon 7 days of a total overhaul is going to be enough to see a change. I might be totally wrong, but I truly believe the body wants to be healthy, so I should see some improvement, right?

I've got a couple of gluten/dairy-free recipe books on order so I can plan out what the eff I'm going to eat next week.

Actually looking forward to this!!!!

I have high hopes - high hopes. I've cut sugar out before, but never fruit - and I eat a ton of it.

Diet + exercise. If I don't see a change at all, I bloody well give up.

Here's today pics.


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