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Dear acne.org community,

In this blog I wanted to share my expieriences with acne which I had in the past 2 years.

First of all I wanted to thank all of you guys for sharing your expieriencesand the inventors of this site for keeping it updated and working. You have been lots of help for me because it is the only good acne forum I have found on the internet. Thank you !

Who am I ?

I am a 20 year old german student and I have acne since Iam 16. I have acne papulopustulosa with scarring. I did not want to take any strong medicin to treat that because I have been afraid of the side effects. That is why I try to treat it naturally.

So the first breakouts I had with 16, it was not much just a few pimpels and I actually liked it because I knew that I was in puperty and that my body would grow and get more strong and so on. With about 17 I started to go to the gym and I took creatin and protein to increase th muscle growth. I put on about 10 kilos of weight in about 13 months of exerciseing and i got pretty big for a kid of my age.

I dont need to say that the acne got worse during this time. It did not bother me at this time because I was 100% sure that it will go away without scarring and so on. After I did my A levels I went to the dermatoligist who subscribed me Duac Acne. It was a antibiotic moisturizer. It started using it and my skin became really really bad. I would say 60% increase of acne. I had really deep and big inflammatation on my cheecks and I took alost a year for them to get away. I went to some non medical healer and he told me everything about the nurtition and so on. After 3 months of livinhg absolutely vegan(as a german! lol) my skin started to improve which means that the outbreaks became less and smaller. I lost about 5 kilos of weight which bothered me alot. That is why i went to the gym again ( with no supplements this time) and my acne got worse again. After that i stopped working out and I went to australia for 5 months. My skin got so much better during this time ( 50% improvement) but I noticed my scars. Those scars made me cryy because I Knew that it will never get away completely. I do not have the deepest scars but my whole skins is uneaven and i feel so dirty and ugly. I will cure the outbreaks and try fighting those scars.

In my next entry I will give you more detailed information what natural things helped for me because I was about 3 months completly spot free. ( even before australia)

Since I am here again I get outbreaks again but just pimpels and not those big cysts. :)

I will add pictures and I will try to get 80%+ improvement on my scars


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