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Day 27



Well, it's the twilight days of my caveman experiment. My skin is not really any better. Well - I say that, it is less inflamed I suppose. And the dryness is gradually subsiding. But I'm still getting new spots every day. I would have thought 4 weeks would be enough to see an effect if anything was going to work, so I'm going to draw the conclusion that my acne is not caused by chemicals or skin irritation alone.

I still strongly believe that we shouldn't mess with the skin on our faces, so I'll probably continue with caveman going forwards regardless of what I try next.

So... next. I've thought and thought and thought over the last two days about what to do. I WANT an answer to this problem that has plagued me my whole life (I'm 40).

I've read in detail a study that proposes the mechanism of acne through eating meat + sugar + dairy:


Although a lot of this makes sense, there are some parts that don't. I don't think meat affects my skin at all. And I went vegan for a month last year (to see if it helped my skin), but my skin was actually worse for the month I was vegan. I did eat a LOT more carbs (primarily grains) as a vegan, which would impact the sugar consumption, so I suppose that could be why my skin was worse. Dairy I think has a small affect on me - I can eat it in moderation, but if I eat loads I do notice more spots.

So, I'm not at the point where I can cut out meat, dairy and sugar all at the same time. Too big a change in one go.

But SUGAR... I know sugar is a big problem for me. And I eat it all the time - I am seriously addicted to it :(

Anyway, I've been reading and researching, trying to find studies to help me find my way, when I found this website:


Which correlates scientific research together and provides guidelines for how to obtain clear skin, with a multi-faceted approach.

This site agrees with the study, also talks about meat and dairy, but focuses more on sugar (which I eat a ton of, and I eat a ton of fruit as well).

It also talks about sleep and exercise. I've been thinking about the role of exercise a lot and how when I've been fitter my skin has generally been better...

Well, all in all, I think I need to give a stricter lifestyle a go.

But the whole thought of that scares me. No sugar? Exercising every day? Getting outside every day? I'm lazy, a computer addict and I love my sugar. That kind of lifestyle change seems enormous to me. I have two young children as well, so getting outside and exercising every day is not always practical (or even possible).

I know that clear skin will give me confidence, which I sorely need, and make me happier, but the work to get there seems enormous (and of course, genetically lucky people don't have to do any of this, they can just stay home, eat crap and watch TV and still have porcelain skin).

The problem for me has always been that no matter what I try, I don't ever really see a BIG result. I might get a small improvement, but my skin never clears. And then I get miserable and depressed and think why the hell am I putting myself through this to have 17 spots instead of 25? And then I give up.

Maybe if I tackle EVERY aspect ALL at the same time (the diet, the sleep, the exercise, the everything), I'll see a BETTER result, SOONER. Something that will give me motivation to stay the course and get the skin I have always, always wanted.

So. I think that's what I'm going to do. I'll carry on blogging here (as I'm carrying on with caveman, but I'll update my new "rules" when I've sorted them out and post on how I get on, plus pics.


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You have amazing skine tone on the maority of your face! Definitely give the diet changes 3 months stroctly before writing it off. Sugar seems like a likely culprit so hunker down and try your best to give it up. Cutting out processed foods will help the addiction dramatically.

Definitely keep us posted

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Gosh - thank you. But I think the light was a little deceptive on these pics. I find it hard to get really consistent comparison photos as the light seems to affect the pictures so much. I always stand by a window, but even at the same time of day it matters whether the sun is out or not!

My cheeks have always been reasonably clear - it's my nose and mouth and chin that have always suffered. Ugh - just drives me crazy.

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