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Day 3 Help!



Hi Acne.org world, So here is my situation I have been living in New York City for the last six months and i have never in my life had Acne maybe the occasional pimple here and their, but ever since i moved to New York my skin decided to freak out on me so i am giving this a shot because i have tried everything in just these last six months and NOTHING has worked. I decided to diet and up my exercise and cut out sugar. For two weeks i have had NO sugar and have been working out six times a week and my skin began to clear THANK GOD but just three days ago i received my Acne,org Package and began using it. Sadly my face immediately broke out and i mean a VERY bad breakout. On top of it which i was warned my face is SO itchy but i thought this stuff was supposed to clear my face not give me more of a breakout!!! Has this happened to anybody else? When will it clear up!? I am freaking out I have a wedding to attend in two weeks and i cant afford to have this break my face out! HELP!! SOS. Does anyone have any advice?

- Hal


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It's easy to eat shitty in New York City. That was probably your problem if your breakout was worse since moving. Some cheap places even use fake cheese on their pizza pies. real cheese is already bad for your gut, so fake cheese... man

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If diet was working for you, keep doing it. Stop using products such as the acne.org regimen and give diet a chance to work. With the regimen you have to give it at least 3-4 months as your skin WILL go through an adjustment period. But as i said, if diet was working, don't go through with the regimen as it is something you will have to maintain and it does change your skin.

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I think you did the right thing by getting the regimen, as I've already seen a big improvement in my acne in just 2 weeks. Not perfection, but improvement! Once I ditched Dan's moisturizer for my trusty CeraVe moisturizing lotion, it made a huge difference. My skin just doesn't like that moisturizer. It's ok to adjust Dans regimen to fit your skins needs (my need was more moisture and less bp!) When I moved to Las Vegas my skin freaked out too. Not sure if it's the weather the water or the stress, but I just had to tweak my routine and adjust. Stay calm and be patient! It gets better!

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Thank you all for the help! But honestly I broke out so bad from this regimen that its ten times worse then what my skin looked like. To top it off this is going to sound crazy but the skin around my eyes are so dried out ( I don't put any of the product near my eyes) that they swelled a little. AAHHH!!! I am disappointed because i just wanted my skin to get better...not worse!! It has been a week since using this stuff and my skin is progressively getting worse. I so badly want to stick it out but i don't think i can handle this!! I haven't seen any reviews about this happening to other people who have used this product. I just want somebody to tell me the same thing happened to them and then magically within the second week their face was fabulous!! Is that to much to ask? This stuff was either talked up a bunch or i just have a wrong skin type for this "Amazing Regimen." It sucks that i spent this much money on a product i thought was really going to work. :( I just want to be proven wrong.

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