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Day 24



Well, I'm still on the caveman. However, I have been eating sugar again since we went camping.

So, good things:

1) the flaking and dryness is reducing - it's now just around my nose, chin and across the bridge of my nose. I still have to flick off big flakes in the morning (gross!), but it IS calming down.

2) My lips seem to have recovered and stopped flaking, at least at the moment. It has been a horrendous 3 weeks and I had to use some vaseline on them when we went camping as they were so sore and splitting when I smiled. Now, they seem okay.

3) The skin on my cheeks is good. No spots, a bit on the dry side.

Bad things:

1) I am still getting lots of little pus-filled spots. Horrible.

2) The skin around my nose and chin is still really red.

So, overall progress is SLOW. The pus filled spots definitely go away quicker and without marking my skin if I leave them completely alone, but I just hate walking around with them on my face.

I've started drinking a daily juice (usually apple and kale or apple, carrot and beetroot). I'm hoping that will help, but I know I need to quit the sugar.

Update: I've just gone back to look at my Day 10 pics (I'd been sugar free for 2 weeks). The redness and spots are definitely better back then. GOT TO STOP EATING SUGAR. I really don't know why I eat it when it clearly f*cks my skin up!! Addict behaviour (eyeroll).





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