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Absolutely Finished Accutane, Post-Accutane Day 1

1st month (October, 2014) - 60mg/day

2nd month (November, 2014-June 1st 2015)- 80mg/ day taking within the span of 7 months

Eventhough i haven't had a cyst in like 5 months, oil has started to return to a moderate level. Considering i have been taking, on my own accord, accutane once in a while, skipping days, even weeks i think it would have been best to forever take accutane with small doses here and there. It has absolutely worked great. I will talk to my dermatologist next time around. Hopefully by then nature would have taken its course.

my daily regimen has included washing face with regular water in the morning and regular facewash at night but now that i don't have accutane anymore i'll start by washing face morning and night with regular face wash. Actually i have Tretinoin (0.5%) that i was prescribed a month prior to accutane and doesn't expire 'til next year. I will start using it starting next week.

That's it i guess. I will update 2-3 times/ month


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