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7 Days In, Dudes.

WELLL here's 1 solid week in.

I'll go into some detail as to exactly what I did this week, since it seems like that's what people like on here. Ya gotta give the people what they want! Lol ok anyway:

Morning: cleanser (10 seconds, good frothy lather mmm) 1/3 finger's length BP 2.5% applied gently, 1 pump moisturizer

Evening: same as morning!

After the first few days, I saw some great improvement... My skin felt tight, but I wasn't seeing any flakes yet... Breakouts/redness/oiliness were lessened... I thought to myself hmmm perhaps I'm one of the lucky few? Perhaps BP is sparing its wrath on me? HAR! NOT SO! 5 or 6 days in, the flakes and scaliness thundered onto my face like a Game of Thrones dragon's fire. It burnnnnssss!!!

I also made some silly mistakes on Saturday. Laying out by the pool with some friends, I slathered on some random neutrogena sunscreen onto my face. Now 2 days later my chin is FULL of whiteheads. Like, ALL at the same time?! That's what makes me think it was the sunscreen (or maybe it was my bad diet I had this weekend) that made everything come up at once, because it's normally not this bad this sudden. Or mayhaps this is the legendary "purge"? As pathetic and horrific as the movie, this purge is hard to watch.

As I'm only a week in, I have no judgements for the regimen as a whole so far. I probably won't start to rethink my choices until 8-12 weeks in. If I'm still hosting a block party on my face at that point I might just sulk back to my ziana/aczone and cry.

I'm thinking, with the dryness and flaking I'm having right now, I'll take a 24-48 hour break from the BP then start up again just 1x a day. I was too ambitious with my BP, thinking after everything my skin has been through, 2.5% BP would be a walk in the park. Dan, I underestimated you! ALSO I went ahead and ordered that hojohojoba oil today. I didn't order it at first because I wanted to see if I really needed it before I spend another $20. People, things just got real. Don't mess around like I did.

Any advice or tips or support would be greatly appreciated! Will answer any questions too!

See u in a week. O_O BYEEEEEEEEEE


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