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Waddup acne peeps.

SOOO This is where I started when I began Dan's Regimen.

This blog is as much for me as anything, as this is the first time I've officially documented progress with any product. If people read it, grewl, if not, fine, at least I can see my progression after some time and actually see how far (or not far!) I've come...

As you can see, most of my breakouts are around my chin/jaw and a tiny bit on my forehead lately.

I know my acne isn't severe, but this is actually a time it didn't look that bad. It's mostly pustules that pop up for me, (inflamed red pimples with a fun white hat!) I've developed a habit of NOT popping them, as ready as they might look. I've noticed when I used to pop or scrub the white heads off, it would bleed, scab, then a white head (or 3) would pop right back up a few days/weeks later. So at this point I just let them go til they dry up and flake off on their own. Everyone around me at work just gets to say hi to my 6 or 7 friends on my face every day. DEAL WITH IT. :surprised:

I purchased Dan's cleanser, treatment and moisturizer 8oz each. This is ALL I'm using right now. I'm also 1.5 months into the bc pill Trinessa (which could also be playing a factor in all this! So sexy!) my GP put me on this after I was having spotting/cramping. She also said it should help w acne. We shall see!

After the Differen 3% reaked havoc on my skin, I went back to aczone/ziana for about 7-10 days and my skin def calmed down a lot. But I just hate the oiliness and redness that these products give me and am hoping that this regimen can give me clear and normal human loooking skin. :hifive:

Feelin hopeful and excited! Also nervous and scared from all the reviews saying you go through a flake from hell before it actually works. But hey, I was one big flake for 2 years so it's nothing I ain't done before! If clear skin is on the other side of 2-3 weeks of lizardness, I'll take it.

Flawless face here I come!



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