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Week 0 (Day 0)



So the countdown is set at 0 as i am not on my regimen consistently enough. Most of my progress has been negated by the many setbacks so boo hoo.


The Elidel cream has broken me out something fierce I have red pimples that are inflamed all over except for on my forehead. My right outer cheek which has been clear for the most part for months has even begun breaking out as well as my chin/mouth area which was doing ok. My skin looks inflamed , oily, acne ridden and just unhealthy. My derm says i should notice a difference in the eczema in 2-3 weeks but we'll see. Right about now my face is beginning to look accutane worthy. It's something that I am willing to consider in my desperation. I may give spiro a try first though sans birth control. I see my naturopath this wednesday to get the results of my scan. I'm going to be upfront with her and let her know i am not very happy with the lack of progress and demand a change in my regimen. Before i give up with her, i want to do a saliva hormone test and a food sensitivity test but after that - i'm done. Topical wise, my derm wants to move me up from differin to something stronger (hopefully the eczema would have subsided by then). Regarding sunscreen, i started with vanicream but damn, its greasy and i suspect it is worsening my acne too so its back to hiding out from the sun.

On a side note, i tried bone broth today and i am NOT a fan. I used marrow to make it so maybe thats why it was so GREASY but no bueno. I will try again with just plain bones to see if there is a difference.

I had time this weekend to pray, read my bible and worship and even though i am struggling, I am going to lean on God more despite what the human side wants to do. This is a test of my perseverance and faith and I know that with God, anything is possible. I may never be rid of this dreaded skin condition but i know that I am not alone and that God will turn this ordeal into something good when the time is right.

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I've tried bone broth - it was too greasy for me both times. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I want to like it, but I just... don't!

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