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Week 7



A week ago I bought some vanilla almond milk (sugar free) and have been using that instead of regular milk (just ran out last night so I'm going to have to go out and buy some more!) I also just yesterday started taking some Vitamin D-3 capsules (2000 IU). I'm no nutritionist so if this doesn't sound perfectly safe for some reason feel free to let me know.

Onto the skin - it's still pretty bad. Still using Ziana. Most nights I take off my makeup with coconut oil, and I'll usually end up unintentionally popping some pimples in the process.. But I have noticed that the impacted pores on my forehead are receding. I can remember a few weeks ago washing my face and feeling what seemed like 100 little bumps all over my forehead, but now I can only feel about 8.

The other day I was talking to someone about acne, and she asked if I'd ever tried birth control. My derm did suggest it about a year ago, but at the time my blood pressure was too high so she suggested I deal with that first. Thinking about bringing it up again at my next appt, just because for some reason I feel like I won't get my acne under control unless I go back to using an oral antibiotic (which sucks because I feel like it's slowly ruining my system in other ways).


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2000iu is fine. I actually take 5000iu but I'm deficient so..... FYI, coconut oil is very commodogenic so I would not suggest it as a moisturizer. Some people are fine with it but for us, the chronic acne population, it's usually not good. You're still very early in treatment so don't give up. Are you using an anti microbial such as BP in the morning? Regarding birth control, green gables (a member here) has a really good post on birth control that should help and those that worsen acne. If your acne is hormonal, you may have luck. Malmö, there is spiro. You are right to stay off antibiotics- they are universally no good. Keep your head up friend.

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Oh I don't use the coconut oil as a moisturizer, I just use is to break up my makeup and then wipe it off (and I don't use it every night). And no, I'm actually not using anything in the morning. My derm did say that Ziana itself wouldn't completely heal my acne, and so that's why she recommends going back to an oral antibiotic, but I told her I only wanted to do that as a last resort. Next time I see her I'll ask about these other options you mention. :]

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