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In Need Of An Attitude Adjuster



So for those of you that are regular readers of my blog ( all two of you), you've probably noticed the tone that the most recent posts have taken on......dark, depressing, woe is me, etc, etc, etc. in addition to acne being the bane of my existane, my depression is a close second and one definitely exasperates the other. I am a new Christian but my attitude towards these struggles definitely do not reflect that at all. I took a moment this morning to step back and read my bible, more specifically Psalm 91 . The part that most stuck out to me was this:

The Lord is my refuge and my fortress. My God in whom I trust.

For me, that means that he is the center of my universe and that in times of difficulty, struggle, etc, I know that in him, everything will work out (just not maybe in the way that I picture it working out). I know that I can cry unto him when I feel as if nothing is going right. I know that trusting is hard especially when I can't see what's around the corner but he promises that in him, there will always be peace no matter the outcome.

None of this will make my acne heal any faster, or take the eczema away or magically heal my depression but it will allow me peace of mind to go on with life and essentially let go and let God.

I am challenging myself for the next month or so to state the facts of my acne but find the positive in each blog post. I am challenging myself to not googling acne treatments paid to let this one do its thing. I am challenging myself to be kind to myself and not call myself ugly, unworthy or any other self depreciating name. I am challenging myself to start my day with the word and end my day with the word. And above all, I am challenging myself to fix my eyes on God and know that this life is only temporary and that each day is potentially my last so I need to live the way he would want me to live - loving others, helping others, appreciating the good things and letting go of the bad and instead of asking, 'why?', remember that the answer can be as simple as, 'why not'


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